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Just came across this. What an incredible project!!

Kids for Kenya – Education Photo Book.





Steps for Using An iPads (or multiple ipads) to video reading fluency and then easily share with parents at conferences

1. Create gmail account for teacher
2. Download Google drive app
3. Sign into the Google Drive app with the teacher gmail account
(if using more than one iPad make sure the all have the Google drive app… and simply log into the same gmail account because the videos can be shared after they are recorded).
4. In MY DRIVE…. create a new folder, for example READING ASSESSMENTS
5. Go to that folder and open it.Then hit the + button in the right hand corner and tap USE CAMERA
6. Record students from right in the folder/app
7. Takes a few minutes for video to be processed… once the video is ready, click the right arrow to open the video details.

  • click the forward arrow… to rename to video… I suggest naming the video the same as the child so it can be QUICKLY accessed during conferences
  • If, by chance, the recording is done from a different google account the video can be shared from here, too.
  • Make the video accessible offline, just in case you run into wifi
  • problems during conference time.

Now all you have left to do is access your reading assessment folder during conferences and easily click and share videos with each individual parent.