Excuse me, trying to teach here.

Finding New Professional Development at edcamp

So often, professional learning days set aside during the school year fail to meet the needs of the staff and end up feeling like time wasted instead of a day of development. Still, every good educator is a lifelong learner and continually works to acquire new skills and strategies to will improve their practice. Finding the time and method in order to best accomplish this goal is the definite question.

So what better place to brainstorm around this issue than at edcamp? Yesterday, a small group of educators at edcamp Portland (#edcamppdx) put their heads together and devised a solution….


PD Anytime -10 Education Podcasts from EdReach

Podcasts are free, easy ways for teachers, and anyone interested in the education field to share ideas, learning and news. Because you don’t need anything more than a computer, a mic and internet access, more and more stakeholders in education are finding the value in not only listening, but recording great podcasts.

Still, a good podcast takes time commitment, and the amount of free time educators have to dedicate to outside projects is always in flux. That means the educational podcast library is also frequently in flux, but just all the more reason to stay connected and make sure you are subscribed to the newest and best podcast available.

EdReach Network makes it easy for educators to stay update on great podcasts, by hosting them all in on one channel, and as their motto says, they are “giving educators a voice, a big voice.”

Here are a few of Getting Smart’s favorites, but check out Edreach for the full listing:

techlandia green


10 Tools Every Teacher Should Master This Summer


According to Common Sense Media, 95% of teachers agree that using technology increases student engagement and 92% of teachers want to add more technology to their classroom.

We at Getting Smart are still basking in an ISTE afterglow… we’d like to share 10 great tools that we were introduced to there and the reasons they are so worth taking the time to master this summer. These are the tools that will transform your classroom in the fall because you will notice the definite threads that run throughout all these applications… real-time, collaborate and creative! Those words together are sure to build a lot of excitement around exactly how educational technology is developing and transforming what school looks like!




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