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Monthly Archives: December 2011

I decided to do one of my favorite things, walk my huge Bullmastiff, Fritz and listen to a podcast at the same time.  I decided to listen to the latest MacReach Podcast http://edreach.us/2011/12/08/macreach-show-31-the-mobile-learning-experience/with some great educators sharing their ideas, Meg Wilson(@ipodsibilities), Tony Vincent(@TonyVincent) and Judi Epcke(@jepcke), all of whom I follow on Twitter and knew they’d be having a great conversation.  I was definitely expecting to be inspired to think about some new ideas for my classroom and education in general, which I was, of course, but EVEN BETTER… they solved my Christmas shopping dilemma!

I have 3 children of my own, ages 14, 11 and almost 9, who basically have everything they need in life, including a household full of multiple iOS devices. Not only am I am completely stuck on what to buy them for Christmas, even they are having a hard time figuring out what to ask for.  Now, granted, I am happy they are having this problem and not the type of kids who love to make mile long lists full of all the material goods they think might bring them happiness.  But, they are my beautiful children, so if I can think of something that could really be special to them, I would like to sneak it under the tree on Dec. 25th.  Enter Tony Vincent on this past week’s MacReach podcast…

In passing, Tony mentioned he had a green screen set up in his house. OMG.  I want one.  That’s it!! That’s what I am getting for my 3 rugrats! A green screen set up with a few “appcessories”… like an iRig microphone and some iTunes cards to load up the ipad with some great video and sound editing apps.  They can really get good at learning Garageband and iMovie.  Their school projects, like science fair project presentations, Humanities research and book reports are going to go to the next level.   They can amaze their teachers and the other students in the class and inspire them really start learning at home without even realizing it.  Best part is, they will just be having fun because, like they talked about in the podcast, it is the creative projects that kids LOVE and always remember making! I suspect our house is going to become a popular “playdate” destination which is so fine with me! As long as they are busy and having a good time, I welcome a house full of kids!

The hidden benefit- It has been my goal to bring green screen movie making into my own classroom.  Now, I can experiment, practice and perfect this technology at home instead of going through the growing pains in class.  This is such a win-win idea!!! I am headed to Amazon right now to order my Green Screen kit! I am so happy to invest in a Christmas gift that will be enjoyed TOGETHER by all three of my varying aged children, totally expand their personal learning, and really provide unlimited creativity and fun for them.  The perfect gift for the whole family! YEAH!  I see an entire movie series featuring, Fritz, the world traveling Bullmastiff, in our near future- and that’s just my idea. 😉

PS. I added my wish to my Christmas list.  A trip to Phoenix in April for Mobile Learning Experience 2012

I should buy that for myself.  I deserve it 😉