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Monthly Archives: January 2012

20-13 is seriously going to be a mouthful, so I want to really enjoy this new year.

This is going to seem like some kind of crazy, random list of thoughts and topics, but all these things have been floating around in my head this Christmas break.  Thankfully, when of the most inspiring educators I follow on twitter, @ktenkely tweeted out the Dec/Jan is of #ProjectPLN, the list melded together in my head and I am starting to see how all these are pieces to my big puzzle.  All the items feed into my picture of “the dream school”- the school I’ve been dreaming about starting since I was back at Marquette University, studying education and working in the Milwaukee Public School system.  So right now I am just going to make the list because I REALLY have to rid my house of all things Christmas before I start thinking about starting my own school.  In reality, I hope this list at least turns into a blog post pulling all my thoughts together.  We’ll just have to wait and see if it turns into a blueprint of a new school or the plan to start a new learning organization but most likely it will just keep me going towards my goal of being the best teacher I can possibly be.

This post blog post started it all am I am still trying to find the right words to respond:

1.Warming up to Technology in the Classroom, by Nick McDaniels http://bit.ly/scZJtQ

2. Education Week article, National Park Service Expanding Education Mission http://bit.ly/vKi5gY

3. Oregon’s Outdoor School Program http://www.mesd.k12.or.us/os/OutdoorSchool/Welcome.html

4.Organizaitons like The Field Trip Factory in Chicago, (@freefieldtrips) and @826national, the most incredible writing centers for students!!!- getting them outside the classroom

5. Waiting in line to check in at Southwest airlines, where a screen and automated voice tells the next person in line which check in station to move to.  Automatic check outs at the grocery store, etc.  Other boring jobs that machines are doing instead of people.

6. Project PLN http://projectpln.com/category/2011-2012-school-year/december-2011/

7.The Mobile Leraning Experience, April 11-13 in Phoenix, AZ.  Really, who wouldn’t want to leave Portland, OR and spend a few days in Arizona in April?! I’m going. mobile2012.0rg, @mobile2011

8. Projects like #collaboreyes